About Me


I'm Marissa, and this is MAIA Creative

I'm a 28-year-old woman living in the east of the Netherlands. I live in a beautiful house with my husband and dog Toby, who is also my 'dog assistant' in my company.  In my daily life, I'm a geography teacher at a secondary school. So you probably could guess that traveling is one of my favorite things to do. That's why my husband and I decided to convert a van into a camper. Now I'm able to travel each and every break!

Something else I love to do is creating. It all started with the urge to do something with my hands and be creative. I decided to start making jewellery for my label MAIA Jewellery. This is something I still love to do, but I also wanted to create other things. Hence the idea to start MAIA Creative, for all my creative urges. MAIA Creative's handmade products are perfect for gifting; to yourself or someone else. I also want to inspire you to be creative, so definitely check out the DIY kits to make all sorts of products yourself at home.

Things I Do

Creative Content

I have an Instagram page where I share creative content like my designs and products, DIY's, inspiration, but also flash sales of my products. So make sure you follow @MAIA.Jewellery

Online and Offline Classes

I love to teach and see someone grow. That's the reason why I also teach the creative skills you need to make jewellery, soaps or something else you admire here on my website.


Are you a shop owner and are you interested in my products? Just contact me to see what's possible for wholesale prices. I would love to spread the creativity around!